the view from Airport Road


We are a communication strategy and creative firm, providing content for all forms of media, from original idea through final production. It’s our job to see and understand things from many angles, usually from the perspective of others, especially that of our clients and their customers. But we draw from a view all our own. Our view of business is not from the guest-bedroom/home-office technology command center. Our view is not from Madison Avenue, nor Wall Street, nor 4th Street, nor the proverbial Main Street. For 15 years our view has been “the” street – an increasingly rare vantage point for marketers, from which we see business realities and challenges in action every day in varied ways. People, culture, design, music, technology, innovation, advertising, ideas, media – they’re what make business run – and they’re at their best at street level. As time permits, we and our guest-bloggers will share whay’s going on here with us and around us. Our hope is that it will help add perspective to your day, to your work, and to your life.

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