Why you need a website that doesn’t just sit there.

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Marketing is increasingly web-centric and mobile. Your website should give you web presence, supporting your outbound messaging and receiving inbound inquiries, continuously, in harmony with your purpose and goals. It must be responsive – viewable equally well on all devices, in any browser. A website must attract the search engine yet speak to the person. It must welcome and engage while quantifying and reporting.

So, where were we?

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Is a year too long between blog posts? Some would say, for this blog, it’s not long enough. Either way, if we don’t post another blog soon no one will take “the view from Airport Road” seriously. Our promise of bringing street-level perspective to marketing issues will be as worthless as the digital ether it was not printed on. Potential followers will follow someone else. So here is another post, written for your benefit and, of course, also for ours. Because that’s how it works, right? Your comments are welcome.

What are we seeing from Airport Road?
Businesses getting back to marketing; businesses valuing a dollar well-spent on marketing (i.e. tight budgets, high expectations); confidence with a lower-case “c”; motivated bankers — one calling us with attractive refinancing options, another visiting our office to drop off marketing literature and wanting to provide a competitive quote of services, another bank running radio spots telling businesses it’s time to invest in the future; lots of property needing paint and repairs— ours included—lasting signs of the recession’s toll. We are optimistic about 2011. Our blog is up and running again. If you would provide a comment, we would be honored. If you decided to follow “the view from Airport Road” we may even throw a party. We’ll have to check with our banker first.


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There is a lot to like about doing business on Airport Road in our home community of Columbia-Tusculum photo, on the eastern end of Cincinnati. Traditionally referred to as the East End, it’s a diverse, urban neighborhood —one of the region’s oldest actually, dating back to 1788 — with an interesting character and energy. Columbia-Tusculum is a mix of new retail, new and older residential and office development, emerging out of one of Cincinnati’s oldest industrial neighborhoods, where steamboat and railcar manufacturing once thrived. Humble residences share the block with 1940s storefronts and other commercial properties, from small offices to machine shops, small manufacturers and distribution businesses. The hills rising above the main road, Columbia Parkway, feature some of the finest, most colorful rehabs of circa-1800s homes in the city. At the far eastern end — in an area once known as “Turkey Bottoms,” is Lunken Airport, established in 1930 it is still considered one of the finest municipal airports in the country. Everything from private, recreational aircraft to ad-banner planes to blimps to corporate jets fly in and out of Lunken daily, characterizing this end of Columbia-Tusculum as active and vital.
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