Good Work. Great Work. Does It Even Matter?

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If pursuit of a great craft beer or gourmet burger is so widely respected today, why does pursuit of well-crafted advertising work seem so passe, even among many within the marketing industry? Good work says the right thing well. Great work says the right thing much better. It adds value to its subject. It strikes a chord that sets the communication and its product apart from, and above, its competition. It’s worth more. Should marketers strive to communicate through “great work?”. Here’s why.

The marketing function and its output are evolving with technology, as they always have. Some insist it’s not even about ideas and so-called “great work” anymore. Anyone with something to say via social media immediacy can be part of the marketing pop-culture and comment of the moment. Is it great work? One can shoot and post a timely photo. Is that great work? If it adds substance, focus or momentum to what originated as a great customer insight or creative idea – yes, it too could be great. Social media is inherently a derivative mode of communication via commentary on or sharing of something primary. Certainly, well-executed social media campaigns are adding measureable impact. But it doesn’t replace original thinking and the expression of a product, point or position worth commenting on or sharing – like the greatest gourmet burger on earth, or the tastiest IPA ever.

So look for the great original work out there. It’s the advertising you notice working harder and hitting deeper because it’s grounded in truth and fueled by a real idea, genuine effort and high standards. It’s the B2B that doesn’t feel like B2B, because it’s talking to people, not their titles. It’s the work that’s just right for its purpose, even if that’s not of grand significance or visibility – it fulfills its role well. There is no formula and no guarantee. Even the most accomplished talents in advertising know great work is difficult, elusive and may never happen for them again. They know budget is a factor, but not the biggest factor; that not every piece of great work will win an award, or even be considered. And they know what those of us out here trying every day should not forget: there is a difference, and it does matter. And it’s still worth going for “great work” over good work any day, and every day.

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