Marketing: Well-Rounded Perspective

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You want a good pizza for your pizza dollar, or $20. Who doesn’t want pizza ROI?

So you look for the right specialist to help you, and find there are many answers.

There are the pizza sauce Leaders, who make pizza sauce for a living. They say good pizza requires an exceptional sauce that balances all the tastes people want, but with its own distinctive edge.

There are the pizza dough Specialists, who will tell you that a pizza is only as good as its dough. Pizza without crust is just a bunch of ingredients on a pan, they say.

There are mozzarella Gurus, pepperoni Ninjas, and strategic flavor Catalysts who insist that best-practice selection in the areas of cheese, meat products and other ingredients is critical to pizza performance.

There are technology and efficiency Innovators, brick oven manufacturers, lighting, furniture and pizza platter makers who want to ensure the ideal pizza experience, wherever and whenever people want to enjoy it.

Yet, with all of this expertise and more in mind and within reach, in marketing, someone still has to “make the pizza.” They know you. They understand your situation and who it is your pizza must satisfy. They’ve made a lot of different pizzas. They bring a point-of-view to the prep table to help you decide what your pizza needs – when, where and why. What it will cost. They know ingredients and how they work together to produce the needed outcome. They put it together, bake it, slice it and serve it. These people are not generalists. They just happen to specialize in the whole pie.

Why you need a website that doesn’t just sit there.

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Marketing is increasingly web-centric and mobile. Your website should give you web presence, supporting your outbound messaging and receiving inbound inquiries, continuously, in harmony with your purpose and goals. It must be responsive – viewable equally well on all devices, in any browser. A website must attract the search engine yet speak to the person. It must welcome and engage while quantifying and reporting.

We invite you to get to know you.

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Organizations, companies or brands that deeply know themselves — those that have taken steps to precisely define who they are and what’s important, and have established a culture based in this identity — have an advantage: an inner compass, inner strength.  They are able to see challenges and opportunities in perspective, relative to the “why are we here” question, which they ask and answer often, instinctively.  True north is known.  We can all think of examples — companies and brands that seem to have operated from a strong sense of purpose for a long time.  When they make a move, they know why.  They believe – not only the decision makers – everyone.  Momentum kicks in.  Customers get it.  The supply chain conforms. Competitors scramble.  The marketplace takes notice or even celebrates their initiative. They lead.  And, somehow, they make it look easy.

It’s a simple, even obvious, fact that conviction behind purpose equals strength.  So why don’t all companies try to grasp, shape and leverage their innate culture throughout their organization and beyond?  There are three reasons:

  • No apparent purpose exists – underlying or beyond profitmaking, growth, acquisition or IPO
  • Questions of purpose and culture have not been posed, discussed or meaningfully answered
  • Conviction and meaning behind a stated purpose have not been cultivated

There is reason and a need for companies — especially newer yet tested, merger-created and highly growth-focused organizations — to define and foster culture as an intangible asset, a differentiating component of the company or brand’s value and potential.

This helps organizations:

  • Plan, operate and communicate with conviction about today and the future
  • Provide context and rationale for initiative and change
  • Provide a basis for attracting, satisfying and retaining customers (Marketing, Service, CRM)
  • Provide deep rationale for loyalty, and attract/retain like-minded, qualified employees (HR)
  • Enable more accurate pursuit of the company’s vision and mission
  • Deliver business results for owners and shareholders

The impact of company culture is significant, far-reaching, quantifiable and well worth discovering, describing and expressing.

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