Marketing for Sales.

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We have an observation to share about why sales professionals have a tough job. The great majority of marketing effort and investment goes into attracting “leads” to the “sales funnel.” It’s Marketing for Attention and Engagement. But that’s only the on-ramp.Sales Funnel

Sales leads are people disguised as numbers. They’re from different organizations, with different questions, different needs and their own way of deciding things. Long-term B2B, contractual, relationship-driven or “solution” sales – the most valuable kind – must be earned. Sales teams need effective tools that motivate and help keep the process on track, avoiding delays, reroutes and exits due to information gaps, lack of clarity or the dreaded and inexplicable “gut feel” or loss of interest. Targeted, tactical messages (in whatever forms fulfill the need: digital, video, print, infographic, etc.) can give reps the stage, frame the conversation, anticipate questions and clear the way, bringing productivity, momentum and acceleration to the sales process.

Clear, convincing communication, at the right time in the right way, gives direction to the sales conversation. Collaboration and trust building can move forward with momentum toward creation of a new relationship. We call this Marketing for Sales.

Kucia And Associates has decades of experience providing custom communication support for B2B Sales teams. Hearing from you the particular challenges of your sales process, we could begin to offer ideas and assistance.

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Tuning-in to Tunnel Vision.

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tunnel vision n.

  1. A constricted visual field in which peripheral perception is eliminated.
  2. An extremely narrow point of view; narrow-mindedness.
    – American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition

There’s nothing like a bunch of concentric circles to help remind business owners, managers and marketers about the importance of “context.” It’s always out there, evolving, influencing and challenging what we think we know about our organization, our industry or the world. More than depicting tunnel vision, this simple graphic shows why tunnel vision should be avoided.

It shows that serving Customers well requires motivations and effort arising from a core Purpose. This is embraced and embodied by a Product (and/or Service) and an Organization (the Business) that must deliver high performance over time. Because a business must perform well for a long time or what’s the point? Dissatisfaction and objectivity are good for a business, because the context is always changing, if subtly, and the future is mostly unknown. So, it helps to take a good look around – inwardly, outwardly and beyond – constantly. Lastly, this dizzying depiction shows that Innovation is, or can be, integral, drawing insights and momentum from within and outside the business as new bases for delivering, with Purpose, one’s best. Expending resources to preserve and defend a point-of-view, rather than on seeking and seeing with an open mind, can be a costly choice.

In our business and the marketing of others, we avoid tunnel vision in its many common forms… Product, Strategy, Media, Message, Creative/Conceptual, Execution, Interpretation… We challenge and refine our view, which helps our clients evolve and trust theirs.

Why you need a website that doesn’t just sit there.

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Marketing is increasingly web-centric and mobile. Your website should give you web presence supporting your outbound messaging and receiving inbound inquiries, continuously, in harmony with your purpose and goals. It must be responsive – viewable equally well on all devices, in any browser. A website must attract the search engine yet speak to the person. It must welcome and engage while quantifying and reporting.

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